Youth travels long distance in punctured car; locals hand him over to police over suspicion | Punctured tyre

Kottayam: Locals handed over a youth to police over suspicion after he drove several kilometres in his car with punctured tyres. However, it was revealed that all the details provided by the youth were correct in the enquiry carried out by the police. He was let go after confirming there were no issues. The incident happened on Friday morning at 5.30 am near Thiruvambadi. The brake disc of the car was found to be damaged after travelling so many kilometres with punctured tyres.

The youth was going to his wife’ s residence in the district from Idukki. One of the tyres got punctured during the journey. He replaced the punctured tyre with a spare one and continued with the journey. However, that was when another tyre got punctured.

Since it was early in the morning, the youth drove towards Kottayam as he had no other option. Then another tyre also got punctured. But the youth was not aware of it.

Locals stopped him when he reached Thiruvambadi due to the loud noise that came out of the vehicle. Just when the locals asked him about the vehicle, the youth drove past them quickly. This increased their suspicion. They followed him on motorbikes and stopped him again near Arunnottimangalam. Following this, they informed the matter to Kaduthuruthi police.