What Is RSO?

Despite its rich history of medicinal makes use of, modern society has only not too long ago begun to discover the possibilities of marijuana fully. With each passing year, more and more states have moved forward with the legalization of medical marijuana, permitting for discoveries within the plant’s potential applications and benefits. While cannabis might ease the signs of everything from epilepsy to publish-traumatic stress dysfunction, totally different forms are more suitable for sure types of conditions. One particularly popular form of cannabis within the medical marijuana community is Rick Simpson Oil or RSO. However what is RSO, and what’s RSO good for?

To better understand this substance and reply the question, “What’s RSO?” it’s necessary to familiarize yourself with what oil means within the context of cannabis. While inhalation is a standard methodology of introducing cannabis into your body, one alternative is via the creation of cannabis concentrate. Natural oils are extracted from the marijuana plant through the usage of a solvent. The resulting crude extract oil can be additional manipulated to form Shatter or Crumble, or distilled and kept as a distillate oil to be dosed by way of ingestion, either directly or by integrating it into your cooking. Depending on your intentions, these extractions could be primarily composed of CBD, THC, or some mix of the two. It’s important to note that oil can generally check with forms of cannabis utilized in vaporizer cartridges; nevertheless, those have other dosing methods.

RSO is one such form of cannabis concentrate, created by namesake Rick Simpson. The preferred strain of cannabis for creating RSO is indica, which is more impactful to users’ bodies than their minds and more suitable for pain relief. RSO composition contains relatively high quantities of THC, ranging from 60 % to 90 percent. One syringe-filled with RSO often comprises round 600 mg of THC. When it comes to appearance, RSO is a very dark substance with a viscous consistency. Attributable to its viscosity, it is finest to warm RSO slightly in the crook of the elbow for 15-20 seconds prior to dosing. To additional assist with dosing, it is sold in a special plastic oral syringe with a plunger, allowing customers to dispense minute quantities of the oil at a time.

What Is RSO Good For?

RSO has been shown to assist with several physical ailments, together with chronic pain. The high levels of THC current makes it particularly effective at treating pain compared to different medical marijuana alternatives. Anyone who experiences migraines frequently or has to endure fixed irritation or flare-ups from a number of sclerosis and arthritis could benefit from the pain-relieving benefits of RSO. Nonetheless, it has other capabilities as well. Because of the way it interacts with your body, it may additionally help curtail seizures, combat loss of appetite, soothe your asthma, ease the pressure out of your glaucoma, and more. In addition to these applications, the creator of RSO had one different ailment in mind: cancer.

Can Rick Simpson Oil Treat Cancer?

Cancer performs a big function within the history of RSO, as it is the primary reason the concentrate was created within the first place. Rick Simpson was identified with skin cancer in 2003. Given his earlier experiences with marijuana, he sought to discover if the plant could by some means help him fight his new diagnosis. He extracted a concentrated form of cannabis with high THC levels and started following his own health routine, which included inserting a few drops of the oil directly onto the cancerous growths on his body. In line with Simpson, the growths completely disappeared in just a matter of days. This sudden discovery inspired him to continue producing his unique creation, which ultimately turned completely associated with his name as Rick Simpson Oil.

Simpson’s determination to experiment with cannabis to deal with his cancer wasn’t totally without precedent. At the time, he was inspired by a particular research conducted in 1975. This research showed proof that cannabinoids THC and CBN successfully managed to slowdown lung cancer development in mouse test subjects. This was enough to persuade him of the possibility.

Given that research is still ongoing, some of it with blended outcomes, it is at the moment unimaginable to confirm Simpson’s claims, particularly when considering how otherwise every form of cancer operates within the body. However, a number of the information available, together with a case the place a younger girl with leukemia appeared to treat her cancer successfully with a homemade supply of RSO, is quite promising. At the very least, recent early-stage trials suggest that cannabinoids are safe to be used in cancer patients and assist in elevated appetite during cancer treatment.

As discussed above, RSO is most commonly administered orally, despite Simpson’s original topical application. Patients should note that, as with edibles, orally consumed RSO will be digested, converting THC to eleven-hydroxy-THC, which is 5x’s more psychoactive. As such, start low and go slow when beginning an RSO regimen.

A commonly advisable routine consists of introducing up to 60 grams of the substance into your body in small quantities for ninety days. Every dose is taken thrice a day, once in the morning, once at midday, and once at night.

In line with the routine, the dosage quantities ought to be broken up into three stages. The first stage, consisting of an initial period of seven days, entails ingesting doses as small as half a grain of rice. The special applicator with which RSO is sold permits users to dispense minute doses with ease. The second stage, which happens from weeks two to five, includes ingesting slightly larger quantities—1 gram per dose. The final stage, which takes place from weeks 5 by way of 12, entails ingesting about eight or nine drops, every concerning the measurement of a grain of rice, per dose.

Regardless of the dosing routine that you choose to follow, it may help to take RSO on a full stomach.This helps break down the active ingredients in a shorter timeframe, swiftly introducing the THC into your bloodstream so you may start experiencing the benefits within roughly 45 minutes.

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