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Some several years back, director Barry Stevens uncovered the identity of the gentleman whose sperm was applied to conceive him. He later on identified the same donor had sired some 600 little ones. With the introduction of low-priced client DNA screening, Stevens’ 50 %-siblings started exhibiting up on ancestry web sites, and most of them have been completely unaware of how they experienced been conceived until their genetics discovered it.

Numerous expressed shock and distress at the discovery. But meeting every other at a celebration, established up for them to get to know one yet another, they also explore the pleasure of belonging to a new huge family members. Inspired by the experience, Stevens begins a quest that will take a significant search at anonymous sperm donation.

In Ottawa, he satisfies Rebecca Dixon, a youthful female who found out that a health practitioner who experienced supposedly remedied her parents’ infertility experienced secretly utilized his very own sperm. Norman Barwin did this a great deal. Dixon has because uncovered numerous of her 50 %-siblings and, nevertheless she rejects the concept that Barwin is her father, is near with her “new” brothers and sisters.

In his journey, Stevens also finds difficulties connected with sperm banking companies. In Port Hope, Ont., he meets Angie, whose child’s sperm donor lied about his well being: he was in simple fact diagnosed with schizophrenia and a prison, she states. Overall health Canada does not accumulate information on a sperm donor’s overall health, ensuing in anonymously-conceived men and women often missing information and facts that could help you save their life.

Most of Stevens’ siblings are from donor anonymity, a thing which has extended been assumed critical to encourage males to supply sperm. But that idea is called into problem when Stevens goes to Los Angeles and fulfills Tim Gullicksen, a donor who has constantly been open up to figuring out his offspring — two of whom we meet in the film.

Some donors may well have created as several offspring as Stevens’ bio-father and quite possibly even more. Stevens speaks to Dr. Steve Shelton — a bodybuilding psychiatrist who could have as quite a few as 1,000 youngsters — and his just lately learned biological son, Derek Schaeffer. The pair satisfies a person of the doctors who purchased Shelton’s sperm. But, when cordial, the health care provider denies the organic tie has substantially which means and promises a flood could possibly have ruined Shelton’s documents.

In the mountains of Colorado, Stevens visits Wendy Kramer, a mom of a donor-conceived boy or girl, whose site has aided to join hundreds of people with their donors and 50 percent-siblings. A passionate advocate of an open method, Kramer discusses the inherent complications with anonymity and some sperm banks’ lies.

With what he has uncovered, Stevens visits Ottawa and issues MP Hedy Fry, who argued many years ago that anonymity ought to be preserved in Canada. She claims Stevens is free to organize with other individuals and obstacle the law.

Ultimately, Stevens gathers some of his siblings in an English pub to hear how strongly they truly feel about placing an end to the strategies and lies of anonymity. But it is also obvious how related their shared heritage has produced them.