Speaking About Pets: Secure Travels Bear

Barry KuKes

On Dec. 2 at 8:52 a.m., my oldest pet, Bear, crossed in excess of the Rainbow Bridge. He was 14 several years aged and in no way actually sick a day in his daily life, till the final pair of months. He had skilled a bout of vestibular condition in excess of a calendar year in the past, but usually, he was his old ornery self.

Having said that, not long ago he was obtaining difficulties acquiring up off the flooring. His back legs had been offering out. He finally got to the issue exactly where my spouse and I would have to have to raise his backend so he could stroll and ease himself. He would cry for assist about every two several hours and then hourly. The circumstance ongoing to escalate, and I had recognized that his high-quality of daily life had diminished, and it was time to set Bear down.