How To Make A Celebrity Fall In Love With You

I wish i was british and i plan on living in the uk for a bit of my college career. I’m a bit new to making videos! When it comes to geek singles, you need to change your approach to making contact. Where there is a demand there will always be people cashing in from supplying that demand, so we have to keep pushing these issues to the forfront of the media to try to force change. Am from Norway. i had a girl friend that love me so much but something terrible happen to our relationship one afternoon when her girl friend that was always trying to get to me was trying to force me to make love to her just because she was been jealous of her friend that i was dating and on the scene my girl friend just walk in and she thought we had something special doing together, i tried to explain things to her that her friend always do this when ever she is not with me and i always refuse her but i never told her because i did not want the both of them to be enemies to each other but she never believed me

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