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In other embodiments, a therapeutic molecule of the invention that binds to a target molecule associated with an inflammatory disease or disorder. In one embodiment, a molecule useful for the invention binds to a molecule which is useful in treating cancer. In yet other embodiments, a therapeutic molecule of the invention binds to a molecule which is useful in treating a neurological disease or disorder. In certain embodiments, a therapeutic molecule is a protein comprising cytokines, enzymes, growth factors, monoclonal antibody, antibody fragments, single-chain antibodies, albumin, immunoglobulins, clotting factors, somatropin, amylase, lipase, protease, cellulose, urokinase, galactosidase, staphylokinase, hyaluronidase, tissue plasminogen activator, or any combination thereof. In certain embodiments, any of the above methods for selecting a molecule can be used in combination. Polypeptides useful for the disclosure can comprise a variable region or portion thereof (e.g. a VL and/or VH domain) derived from an antibody using art recognized protocols or may be obtained from an art-recognized antibody using standard molecular biology techniques