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Proteins that are therapeutic molecules include, but are not limited to, antibodies or antigen-binding fragments thereof, fusion proteins, cytokines, cell surface receptors, hormones, growth factors, or any combination thereof. The term “nucleic acid” or “nucleoside” refers to a single nucleic acid segment, e.g., a DNA, an RNA, or an analog thereof, present in a polynucleotide. In vivo tolerability scores were calculated based upon observations following a single intra-cerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration of 100 .mu.g oligomers in mice or intra-thecal (i.t.) administration of 900 .mu.g oligomers or up to 1500 .mu.g in rats. E72. The method of any one of Embodiments 63 to 71, Gta-Action.Ru further comprising measuring in vivo tolerability of the molecule. E73. The method of any one of Embodiments 63 to 72, further comprising measuring tublin intensity in a culture of neuronal cells. In some embodiments, the oligomer comprises one or more DNA units. The oligomer comprises a contiguous nucleotide sequence of from about 10 to about 50, such as 10-20, 16-20, 10-30, 10-35, 10-40, or 10-45 nucleotides in length

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