Vacation Answers: Enable! I’m nevertheless ready for my Vantage refund | Travel

Vacation Answers: Enable! I’m nevertheless ready for my Vantage refund | Travel

Final yr, we booked a tour to Portugal and Spain by Vantage Deluxe Environment Journey. This was to be our 3rd Vantage journey in as several yrs, and the second with good friends. Including the optional excursions, air, insurance coverage and charges, my wife and I compensated $12,959 for the tour.

This March, Vantage canceled the tour mainly because of COVID-19 fears. On March 16, I questioned for a refund. Vantage agreed to problem a refund in 30 times.

Two months afterwards, I received an email confirmation that the refund was “in process.” I have manufactured a lot of phone calls and a few prepared requests considering that then. After 100 times, I am still awaiting the refund. Vantage is stonewalling.

Vantage’s Tour Participation Agreement suggests that Vantage will problem a “prompt” refund for any tour canceled by Vantage for any reason. Can you support me get my Vantage Deluxe Globe Journey refund? — Rick Pedersen, Fulshear, Texas

A: Vantage ought to have refunded your tour in 30 days as it promised — and as it is contractually required to do. But it experienced no way of being aware of what would occur in the subsequent 30 days. In March, you can remember, travel floor to an pretty much comprehensive halt. Every single a person of Vantage’s suppliers experienced related delays. So the refund system slowed down noticeably.

How slow? Effectively, as I create this, a person cruise line is telling passengers they’ll need to hold out two a long time to get their refunds. And let me skip ideal to the resolution for individuals travelers: File a dispute with your credit card firm. Inquire your financial institution to choose the money back.