The Singapore-Hong Kong Vacation Bubble Was Often a Danger Worthy of Taking

Cue the will-they-won’t-they foreplay, until, to no one’s shock, the two fall madly in enjoy, proving after yet again that in purchase to have the fairytale ending we want, a person desires to throw caution to the wind and say ‘I like you’—even amidst the probability of a thermonuclear war.  

This, in essence, was what the postponed Singapore-Hong Kong journey bubble was all about: two star-crossed metropolitan areas, separated by a world-wide pandemic, who ended up willing to take that 1st action towards opening up again. 

The Journey Bubble Crash Lands Into Actuality

To start with, let me point out for the file: there is completelyno sane purpose to travel to Hong Kong for leisure amidst a world wide pandemic

In fact, the threat vs. reward made so very little sense that I was baffled when saying the travel bubble, ticket charges to Hong Kong skyrocketed from S$300 to more than S$1,000, and both Cathay and SIA reported ‘overwhelming’ desire. 

Even if you acquire the expense of airfare and inns out of the equation, travellers would be on the hook for at minimum three Covid assessments, in addition any health care and quarantine payments they’d wrack up if they end up catching Covid. 

Like the plot of Crash Landing On You, it’s so f***ing stupid, I still worry about the residual brain hurt I’m heading to get from getting go through the Wikipedia summary.