See All the High-Profile TV Spots Made for the Big Game

It wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without the must-see commercials! Every year, families gather around the

It wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without the must-see commercials! Every year, families gather around the big TV on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the fun and exciting TV spots — and also a football game.

The nation’s biggest companies shell out millions to craft hilarious, clever, touching and downright wild ads for the annual sporting event. Designed to make viewers laugh, cry or bond with one another, advertisers spare no expense to capture people’s hearts and minds.

As the popularity of the ads have grown over the years, the commercials don’t just debut during the big game, either! There are teasers for the commercials, as well as viral and social media campaigns that hype up expectations, which drop long before kickoff ever comes.

So, we’re rounding up all the Super Bowl LV commercials as they are released in real time — including pre-releases and teasers. Enjoy!


“Get Ready” for the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show

This year, in a seemingly unprecedented move, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Budweiser have decided not to buy ad time during the Super Bowl, according to press statements released by the companies — citing the pandemic and social upheaval as incentives to “ensure we are investing in the right resources during these unprecedented times,” according to Coke.

However, Pepsi has decided to instead focus all promotional efforts into the flagship-branded halftime show. This was the first teaser, titled “Get Ready,” that celebrated the undeniable mega-hit single “Blinding Lights” by the event’s headliner, The Weeknd.

“Doritos 3D” Teases “#FLATMATTHEW” McConaughey

Doritos is tapping some real star power for whatever bizarre ad campaign is coming up at the big game. One ad stars Jimmy Kimmel and Mindy Kaling on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live (although it’s an in-person interview that looks like it’s from the pre-COVID days) and the two are talking about an unnamed guest with a “new look,” along with the teasy tag #FLATMATTHEW.

The second teaser, which is even stranger, shows some kids playing in their front yard with their mom, as they look on in wonder as a dog runs by and one kid asks, “Mom, why is that dog flying a kite?” Then the other kid asks, “And why does that kite look like Matthew McConaughey?” So, it seems that Doritos will unleash some sort of weird flattened version of the Oscar winner to sell their flavored corn triangles?

“Evidence” That Cheetos Is Gearing Up for Something Big

To promote their new product, Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix, the cheesy snack food brand tapped Ashton Kutcher and his wife, Mila Kunis, for some mysterious ad campaign that they’ve already teased with two strangely dramatic and ominous teaser commercials. The first — titled “Evidence,” and released online on Jan. 14, was shot like a neo-noir crime drama, and features Kutcher coming home and opening a mysterious manila envelope filled with black-and-white long-distance photos of something viewers can’t see but clearly disturbs Kutcher. He also pulls out an empty, flattened bag of Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix and whispers in stunned horror, “I knew it.”

The second teaser, which dropped on Jan. 19, is titled “Advice” and opens on a tearful Kunis addressing an unseen other person, and asking with pained disbelief, “What exactly are you insinuating? Do you think that I would do that? That I would go behind your back after everything that we’ve been through?” The camera pans back to reveal that she’s actually talking to a mirror and is faking her tears. For some reason, rapper Shaggy is sitting behind her and tells her to “just stick to the line I gave you,” evidently helping her rehearse some sort of alibi. While it’s impossible to tell what the commercial will actually be about, there’s always the chance Kunis and Kutcher will be playing themselves, and Kunis has been cheating on her husband with Cheetos mascot Chester Cheetah — and also Shaggy is involved, for some reason. After all, if there’s anyone who can teach someone to deny responsibility for something, it’s famously Shaggy.

Lenny Kravitz Is a “Heartbeat Billionaire” in Inspiring Stella Artois Ad

The Belgian brewery tapped GRAMMY winner Lenny Kravitz for their inspirational Super Bowl spot, which stresses the importance of enjoying life and not wasting your time on Earth. “We’re all born with 2.5 billion heartbeats. That makes you a billionaire,” Kravitz says in the ad, while playing the drums and transforming into a stylish animated version of himself. “So let’s not waste the fortune within us. Invest. Invest in each other and the moments we share. Because you’re rich in life when you’re a heartbeat billionaire.” 

Michael B. Jordan Goes Shirtless as “Alexa’s Body” 

For this big spot, Amazon asks the important question: what if the new Alexa lived inside a robot Michael B. Jordan? The steamy commercial — made to promote the new Alexa design — begins in an office boardroom as some tech designers for Amazon marvel at the device’s new round orb shape. “It’s just flawless,” one exec shares in awe as she smiles down on the sphere. “I mean, I literally couldn’t imagine a more beautiful vessel for Alexa to be inside.”

The exec trails off as she looks out the windows of the office building and sees Jordan’s face on a movie poster on the side of a bus — and suddenly drifts off into a fantasy about what it would be like to have an Alexa around the house that looked exactly like People‘s Sexiest Man Alive. Meanwhile, her husband is less than thrilled by the ridiculously handsome Alexa-bot living in their home, seeing as his wife is enjoying looking at him a little too much.

Miracle-Gro Encourages Viewers to “Keep Growing” With Star-Studded Spot

For their first major Super Bowl spot, Scotts Miracle-Gro tapped a multitude of celebs to help them promote their giveaway that could allow one lucky fan to win the lawn and garden of their dreams. The company went all out for the spot, which includes appearances from Martha Stewart, The Mandalorian star Carl Weathers, John Travolta and his daughter, Ella, The Office‘s Leslie David Baker, fitness instructor Emma Lovewell, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and comedian Matt Braunger.

General Motors Is Bringing Comedy Icons Together to Fight Norway

What do you get when you combine Will Ferrell, Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina with a whole bunch of intense energy, chaotic comedy and a massive budget? You get this bizarrely hilarious Super Bowl ad featuring the comedy greats traveling across the world in an effort to get to Norway for… reasons? The commercial doesn’t have to make a lot of sense to have a lot of memorable comedy moments, and isn’t that the point of a car commercial?

Vroom Goes Dark With “Dealership Pain” 

The online used car retailer Vroom is looking to show people how much easier and more pleasant it is to buy a car through the internet than having to deal with a dealership. To get this point across, Vroom is presenting a deeply unsettling commercial shot like a horror movie showing a potential car buyer strapped to a chair in a dimly lit dealership as a creepy salesman prepares to torture and electrocute him with jumper cables and a car battery. There’s no denying the ad is definitely attention-grabbing.

Bud Light Makes Lemonade Seltzer Out of Lemons

Anheuser-Busch, which traditionally runs ads for Budweiser during the big game, revealed their plans to forgo Budweiser ads in favor of donating the money it would have spent on the commercials and air time to coronavirus vaccination awareness efforts. However, they still plan on airing ads for Bud Light and their Bud Light Seltzer brands.

To promote their Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade, the company takes a comedic look back at the past year, and explains how they made their drink out of the “lemons” of 2020. In terms of the commercial, they represented all the insanity of the last year as a metaphorical storm of lemons pelting the earth and ruining everything for everyone — so, it’s a pretty spot-on parody of the particularly sour year.

“Bud Light Legends” Save the Day

Tapping into some Super Bowl commercial nostalgia, Bud Light is bringing together the stars of some of their popular past ads for a heroic and humorous spot. When a Bud Light truck overturns, a few Bud Light legends — including Post Malone, Cedric the Entertainer and the Game of Thrones-inspired Bud Light Knight — are brought together through magical portals to help restock the truck and get it back on the road to make sure no one has to forgo their favorite ice cold light beer beverage.

“Let’s Grab a Beer” Adds Star Power Behind the Camera

While Anheuser-Busch opted to not run any Budweiser ads, they are running their first-ever ad for the Anheuser-Busch corporation, and their various brands and off-shoots. In an emotionally powerful and surprisingly thoughtful commercial about the social nature of sharing a beer, the company hired two-time Oscar-nominated director David Fincher to produce the impressive commercial that doesn’t shy away from a genuine portrayal of friendship and the realities of life and love.

Uber Eats Brings Back “Wayne’s World”

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are reprising their roles as Wayne and Garth — complete with their beloved living room set and shaggy wigs — for Uber Eats’ ad. The commercial debuted during an episode of Saturday Night Live (which makes sense, considering that’s where Wayne’s World originated), and featured Wayne and Garth teasing their appearance during the game. “We just wanted to say that we’ll see you soon for the game, which for legal reasons cannot be named,” Wayne explained.

Tide Gets Surreal With a “Jason Alexander Hoodie”

Tide is asking the age-old question: “What if Seinfeld star Jason Alexander’s face was on a hoodie, and he didn’t appreciate it?” You know, that old chestnut. This commercial for Tide stresses the importance of making sure you keep your giant face sweaters clean.

A “Space Return” Goes Wrong Because of Delicious Pringles

Taking a page out of Milky Way’s playbook, Pringles’ new ad shows how their endlessly stackable flavor chips will distract you so badly, you will totally lose all ability to do your job. In the ad, two astronauts return to Earth in an emergency capsule in the middle of the ocean, but no one is around to pick them up because everyone at NASA is too busy eating Pringles. A passing cargo ship brings the astronauts hope, but the crew is also too busy dancing around while eating Pringles. Sometimes, a snack really can be too delicious.

Michelob ULTRA Wants Viewers to Find Their “Happy” Place

When it came to making an ad for Michelob ULTRA, which is also owned by Anheuser-Busch, they decided to go for a more uplifting, emotionally inspiring commercial featuring Serena Williams and Peyton Manning, all set to Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side.” The narrated commercial explains the importance of finding the little things that make you happy throughout your journey in life — and how Michelob can help you do so.

Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer Taps an “All-Star Cast”

This ad for the beer brand’s new organic seltzer features what very nearly resembles an all-star cast of famous actors and musicians — but they are really all celebrity doppelgängers. Actors and actresses portray stars like Serena Williams (Olivia Griffian), Maluma (James White), Lucy Liu (Kimmy Suzuki), Usher (Duane Avery) and Megan Fox (Claudia Alende). Meanwhile, the real Don Cheadle appears opposite his lookalike brother for a clever subversion of your typical star-studded Super Bowl commercial.

John Cena Can Count on Mountain Dew Major Melon

Mountain Dew has tapped the WWE wrestler and action star for their upcoming spot in the Super Bowl — a commercial that will apparently give one lucky viewer (who correctly counts the number of Mountain Dew bottles that appear in the background of the ad) a chance to win $1 million. When ET spoke with Cena, the actor explained why he’s so excited to be a part of the brand’s innovative campaign.

Dolly Parton Reimagines “9 to 5”

Dolly Parton‘s 1980 workplace anthem, “9 to 5,” is getting a reimagining, thanks to a new Super Bowl ad for Squarespace, a website building and e-commerce platform. Parton recreated her classic “9 to 5” but changed the lyrics to “5 to 9.” The reworked lyrics refer to the hours when people are able to work on their side hustles aside from their day jobs. “Working 5 to 9, you’ve got passion and a vision,” Parton sings. “Gonna change your life, do something that gives it meaning.”

Dr. Squatch Brings Its Soap to the Super Bowl

The rapidly growing men’s grooming brand has made a name for itself online with some wildly popular YouTube ads, and now the company is bringing its comedic sensibilities to the big game with this ad for its natural soap, which doesn’t include synthetic detergents found in many big-name soap brands. This indie commercial has everything: Men showering in the forest? Check. A dragon-slaying sword? Check. After Effects explosions? Check. Good job, Dr. Squatch.

Toyota Recreates Jessica Long’s Inspiring Life Story

In an effort to make the most emotionally impactful commercial of the year, Toyota has creatively retold the life story of American Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long, from her adaption as a baby to her overcoming obstacles in her pursuit of her dream, to becoming a 13-time gold medalist. This will undoubtedly be one of the ads from this year’s big game that viewers won’t soon forget.

Jimmy John’s Is in a Turf War

The nationwide sandwich shop has made their first Super Bowl spot ever, and they are kicking things off by starting a hilarious turf war with a violent rival. In this ad, comedian Brad Garrett stars as Tony Bolognavich, the “King of Cold Cuts,” who has a mobster-like attitude and a disdain for the tasty sandwiches available at Jimmy John’s. It’ll be fun to see how this campaign potentially escalates.

“Come Together” Over a Bag of M&Ms

If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to apologize, M&Ms suggests handing over a bag of chocolate treats. This new commercial for the beloved sweet snack features people making amends and rebuilding burnt bridges with heartfelt mea culpas and gifts of candy. Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy is also involved, because he just makes anything he’s a part of instantly better.

DoorDash Is Bringing the “Nom Noms”

What would life be like if Daveed Diggs and Cookie Monster were roommates? Well, DoorDash has answered this very specific question with their new Super Bowl spot. As it turns out, Cookie Monster goes a little overboard when ordering delivery. But DoorDash knows how to satisfy any order of any size for any appetite — even Cookie Monster’s.


Mercari Says Goodbye and Hello

You know how you have a whole bunch of random stuff lying around your house that’s perfectly good but you just don’t use it? Well, Mercari wants to be your go-to online market place for selling things from the comfort of your living room. So when your wedding guests don’t pay attention to your registry and you end up with two popcorn makers or three crockpots, Mercari wants to help you make some cash by hocking those redundant gifts as quickly as humanly possible.

The Romos Take Things to the Max for Skechers

Former Football superstar Tony Romo and his wife, Candice Crawford, are giving fans a look inside their maxed-out home life in this adorably over-the-top commercial for Skechers Max Cushion sneakers. From Tony eating a sandwich as tall as himself, to Candice sleeping on top of a stack of mattresses, to the family car being a monster truck, the Romos certainly live life to the max. Also, it’s important to note that the side of the monster truck implies the football star’s nickname is Tony “Tony Romo” Romo, and that might be the funniest joke out of all the Super Bowl ads this year.


How Klarna’s “Four Quarter-Sized Cowboys” Tamed the Wild West

This ad for Klarna features four pint-sized Maya Rudolphs singing Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walking” while riding miniature horses through an Wild West town. After watching it many, many times, it’s still unclear what this ad is about, or what Klarna is, is why this was their ad — but it’s absolutely amazing nonetheless. It appears to be an app where you can buy things in installments, and it could truly revolutionize shopping — maybe? The only thing that is certain is Hollywood needs to make a movie that follows these three mini-Mayas during their day-to-day lives on the fashionista frontier.

Chipotle Wants to Change the World

This is Chipotle’s first-ever Super Bowl ad (which seems impossible, but apparently it is), and the company decided to go for a more uplifting, inspiring and high-reaching tone for their debut spot. The commercial sees a young kid eating a Chipotle burrito, and wondering aloud about whether or not a simple burrito could change the world. Or rather, if a burrito chain restaurant could impact agriculture by using real and organic ingredients. Chipotle has some lofty goals and they are setting the expectation bar high with their new campaign.


Cadillac Casts Timothée Chalamet as Edward Scissorhands’ Son

Three decades after Tim Burton’s iconic fantasy romance film Edward Scissorhands hit theaters, Winona Ryder returns as her character, Kim, in a new Super Bowl ad for the Cadillac LYRIQ, set in the movie’s candy-colored world. But this time, she’s telling the story of another boy who has scissors for hands: Edward’s son, Edgar, played by Timothée Chalamet. Like his father, Edgar’s sharp metal appendages make him unique and special, but also an outcast — that is, until, Kim buys him a car that he doesn’t need hands to drive.


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