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Queen Elizabeth II, 94, is one of the most well-travelled monarchs in the globe, jetting

Queen Elizabeth II, 94, is one of the most well-travelled monarchs in the globe, jetting off for the two leisure needs and as portion of her as head of condition. During several of these official visits, it is not unusual for Her Majesty to be bestowed with items from those people she visits.

Frequently these gifts consist of regionally produced crafts, flowers and foodstuff offerings, on some instances the gifts she gets are fairly additional out-of-the-regular.

In 1968, the Queen and her spouse Prince Phillip flew to Brazil for a 7 days-extended take a look at as aspect of their royal tour.

All through her check out she produced these an perception on the country, the Prefect of Brasília resolved to reward her with some thing really memorable.

According to the Royal Collection Have faith in, Queen Elizabeth was offered a sloth and two jaguars.

She made the decision to name the jaguars Marques and Aizita, although the sloth’s name is not recognised.

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“A lot more exotic animals have been cared for at ZSL London and Whipsnade.

“Modern animal items have frequently remained in their residence region, these as the white Nguni bull offered by the King of the Zulus in South Africa in 1995.”

In 1956, the Queen was gifted two trumpeter swans from British Colombia, in Canada.

In 1957, she was specified a Jersey cow known as Beauchamp Oxford Lady from the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Culture. The cow now resides at within just the royal dairy herd at Windsor.

Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia gifted Queen Elizabeth four bare-eyed cockatoos, two white Bennett’s wallabies and 1 draft cassowary, which all now dwell in London Zoo.

In 1970, the Queen acquired two American beavers and an Arctic fox from Hudson’s Bay Firm in Canada.

Meanwhile, in 1972, she was gifted two youthful Aldabra giant tortoises from the Government and People of Seychelles, as nicely as an African forest elephant named Jumbo from President Ahidjo of Cameroon.

For all of the animals she is supplied, the rule of thumbs they are either put into sufficient care, these as at London Zoo, or they continue to be in their homeland.