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  Dean Pajevic: Coronavirus: Ramp up generation of N95 masks A January 2021 report by


Dean Pajevic: Coronavirus: Ramp up generation of N95 masks

A January 2021 report by the French federal government warns that cloth experience masks may not shield men and women from the two new strains of COVID-19. The strains, from the United Kingdom and South Africa, are previously listed here in the United States.

Supplied this scary mutation in COVID-19, a a lot far better answer than recommending cloth masks for the general public would be to ramp up creation of N95 masks now and to distribute them free of charge to all People in america, particularly in coronavirus hot spots. Stimulus checks are fantastic, but if just about every American had as a substitute acquired income furthermore 5 N95 masks, we can switch the arc downward and lastly efficiently combat the coronavirus.

So considerably, social distancing and remain-at-home orders are the true explanations the condition has not worsened radically in Colorado. But with the addition of N95 masks for absolutely everyone, my hope is that Gov. Jared Polis and all Coloradans will be capable to knock again the virus and reopen our lives and go back to in the vicinity of-regular.

We want far more N95 masks and extra science.

Dean Pajevic


Brent Bickel: Gender in sports activities: Organic intercourse is a reality

I was shocked to go through the submission by Riley Mancuso (Digital camera Open up Forum, Jan. 26), who turned down the thought of organic sexual intercourse in reply to a submission by Ann Janis (Digital camera Open up Discussion board, Jan. 24).

Janis experienced submitted a letter significant of President Joe Biden’s choice to demand athletic organizations to allow biological males who identify as female to contend with biological girls.

Every single cell in our bodies incorporates a “sex chromosome.” If those people cells include XX chromosomes then you are a biological woman. If they contain XY chromosomes then you are, and will normally be, a organic male.

Mancuso’s promises (that the simple fact of organic sex is “unscientific” and “false” and that even stating that real truth is “hateful” and leads to “fear-mongering,” “assault” and “murder”) are detached from fact.

Brent Bickel


Anne Wilson: Boulder airport: Repurpose land to provide citizens

So substantially talk about housing, transportation, and fairness in Boulder.

Now is an superb time for the Boulder City Council to contemplate that the city owns and preserves 136 acres of primary true estate in Boulder for use by a smaller range of privileged people — all those who can manage to journey and recreate by non-public aircraft. Boulder Municipal Airport-BDU pays no rent or property taxes for the metropolis land it uses.

BDU’s stated mission is to satisfy the demands of Boulder’s common aviation community, clearly a small number of a privileged several of us. At the exact same time, this combustion-motor-intense action externalizes several significant expenditures onto the populace and land, which include sounds, PM2.5 particulate issue, carbon and direct.

This absolutely free lease and these accumulating externalized charges are in no way counted by BDU as it regularly touts its so-called financial self-sufficiency and larger sized financial gains although pursuing unlimited advancement.

All those 136 acres could be made use of for housing, commerce, parks, growing foodstuff or recreation for the rest of us. Rather than subsidizing transportation that serves couple, disturbs several and pollutes with impunity, funds could be directed toward inexperienced transportation that serves absolutely everyone. Like, how about providing some community transportation to Heatherwood, wherever RTD bus service was not too long ago wholly minimize?

Relating to offering unexpected emergency services, think about that there are five other regional airports, each individual within 42 miles of Boulder. Three are inside of 12 miles, including Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, which is huge and getting greater each and every working day. (Just declared there: 59 far more business enterprise jets coming.) Boulder may be far more airport-abundant than most other locations in the nation.

Now is the time to repurpose BDU land to in fact serve Boulder citizens.

Anne Wilson


Brookie Gallagher: CU South: Decouple annexation and flood mitigation

The University of Colorado Boulder is making use of Boulder’s have to have for 80 acres of CU’s South Boulder land — for the at present preferred flood mitigation strategy — as a lever to need that Boulder annex the total 308 acres (very similar dimensions as principal campus).

Annexation indicates Boulder would present providers, assist and $66 to $99 million taxpayer pounds for long run undisclosed growth. Boulder should not enable itself to be pressured into carrying out the do the job, and bearing the cost, of readying house for CU to build and financial gain from.

CU associates are negotiating strongly for their economic advantage and long term progress passions in this home. Easy to understand. I’m involved that Boulder city employees are not negotiating as vigorously for us, the citizens of Boulder, and what is in the very best passions of our group. This is their duty and with any luck , their wish.

The flood mitigation options and CU’s needs for annexation and future advancement of its home have been tied with each other. They do not have to be joined. It’s not to the community’s edge that they be considered together. It is only to CU’s gain.CU states they’re uninterested in treating the two as independent difficulties. On the other hand, Boulder sits across the negotiation desk and doesn’t have to share CU’s negotiating place.

Furthermore, as conversations have progressed and new information and facts has arrive to light, opportunity challenges and worries relating to prior flood mitigation choices have emerged. Possibly it is prudent to reexamine positions at the moment thought of as “givens,” relatively than continuing down a path that may possibly not be most beneficial.

The urgency of flood mitigation is inarguable. As a cooperating group companion, CU ought to concur. Negotiations for flood mitigation really should proceed. Negotiations about CU’s long run progress options, and the city’s involvement, should manifest only when CU proposes particular, binding advancement options.

Brookie Gallagher