DOT partners with Mystery Manila for a gamified digital tour of the Philippines

Itching to vacation but feeling a little bit worried nonetheless? Take into account this nifty job by the Division of Tourism then!

DOT has partnered with Secret Manila for an on-line gamified virtual tour referred to as “In which in the Philippines is Sam San Mateo?”

Sam San Mateo is the game’s fictional vacation vlogger, which gamers will have to glimpse for all over the Philippines.

According to a DOT assertion, individuals will perform digital travellers visiting renowned landmarks and places in the Philippines “to uncover handy clues that will expose the next destination and more their quest to track down Sam San Mateo.” 

The tour/sport features actual tour guides stationed in pick places all about the Philippines.

Even by keeping at house, gamers can knowledge a pleasurable and safe and sound way to find the beauty and allure of the 7,641 islands of the Philippines, historic towns, sunsets, mountain sights, and picture-best crystal clear seashores.

The interactive tour lasts from 60 to 90 minutes and gamers are allowed to interact with locals by reside tour guides and participate in nearby functions.

They can also add to choices that will impact the tour’s end result.

“The place in the Philippines is Sam San Mateo” is absolutely free and open to all gamers on all Sundays of December. You can sign up for any of the four schedules — 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm — by means of this type.

If you want a non-public game just among loved ones and pals, you can e-book via Mystery Manila’s site

— Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA Information