A look back at 2020 in Natick

2020 is now behind us.

Goodbye and good riddance.

Between a coronavirus pandemic that stretched wwwaaayyy too long, and an election season that got wwwaaayyyy too intense, it’s small wonder we’re not in a dark corner, peeking over the parapets from time to time and waiting for all this to just go away.

And yet, there were good moments, mainly from those who managed to adapt to the new demands imposed by the pandemic.

Take Family Promise Metrowest, for example. In the spring, they usually hold a walk featuring most of the participating congregations; the walk was dropped, and an online fundraiser took its place. That fundraiser raised nearly $250,000.

In the summer, one of their drivers decided to take his electric bicycle and travel cross country; he wanted to visit similar agencies, and raise money for FPM. He made it as far as Michigan before he headed home. And yes, he raised money for FPM.