7 cheapest yacht rentals in Singapore: From $550 to $1000, Lifestyle News

7 cheapest yacht rentals in Singapore: From 0 to 00, Lifestyle News

With rates as low as these, yachts aren’t just for rappers and Silicon Valley millionaires anymore. For around the cost of a fine dinner for two, you and up to eight buddies or family members can charter a yacht for hours of fun on the open waters. 

If you have the budget to spare, you could even book a night or two on the yacht for the ultimate vacation at sea without having to mingle with the masses as you would on board a cruise ship. 

So, if you’re looking for something, anything, to escape the monotony of your travel-deprived life, turn up in your polo tee or summer dress, put on your sunglasses and book yourself a getaway with these 7 affordable yacht rentals in Singapore.

7 cheap yacht rentals in Singapore

Name  Rates (up to 5 pax) Contact info 
ONE°15 Life 2-hour sunset cruise: From $4704-hour sail: From $550 Add: #01-01, 11 Cove DriveSentosa Cove, Singapore 098497Tel: 6305 9676 Contact form Web 
NoName Booking 4-hour sail: From $5602D1N: From $2,000 Add: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, 098382Tel: 9387 6030Email: [email protected] Web
White Sails 4-hour sail: From $599 Add: 11 Cove Drive, #01-01, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497Tel: 8661 7600Email: [email protected] Web
The Yacht Club 3-hour dinner cruise: From $208 per pax4-hour sail: From $6002D1N: From $3,424 Add: 138 Robinson Road#03-42 Oxley TowerSingapore 068906Tel: 9879 5168, 8123 0546 Contact formWeb
YachtCharter.sg 4-hour sail: From $6002D1N: From $2,9003D2N: From $5,500 Add: 1, #07-01 Gateway Dr, Westgate Tower, 608531Tel: 9177 3105, 6850 5059Email: [email protected] Web
Yachtly 4-hour sail: From $650 Add: 1 Scotts Road, #24-10, Shaw Centre, 228208Tel: 8299 2678Email: [email protected] Web
M-Barq 4-hour sail: From $1,000 Add: 138 Robinson Road#27-03 Singapore(068906)Tel: 6932 9932, 9669 9060Email: [email protected] Web

1. ONE°15 Life: From $550


Offering the lowest-priced 4-hour yacht rental we found in Singapore is the prestigious ONE°15 Life, which operates out of Sentosa Cove, widely acknowledged for having the most floral-print shirts per capita. 

For sure, there are plenty of large, sleek and powerful yachts of all types on offer, but our hearts were captured by Popeye, a cute little 36 ft sedan classic. 

We imagine taking this little yacht out for a cruise around Singapore can only be the most hipster thing imaginable, so be sure to pack your hand-cranked coffee grinder and straw hat. Also, from just $110 per pax, at that. 

Oh yes, you could also opt for a 2-hour sunset cruise on board one of the other soulless hunks of floating metal, but who needs that when you’ve got Popeye?

2. NoName Booking: From $560

We get it. The somewhat dodgy-sounding company name doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. NoName actually refers to the names of the three vessels in its fleet — imaginatively christened No Name 1, No Name 2 and No Name 3 (what, you pay low prices and still expect a yacht with an actual name?).

But not to worry. Judging from the photos on the website, you will be getting good-sized power catamarans and single-hull yachts, measuring some 40ft in length. So, it won’t be some tiny boat with complimentary use of rowing oars.

We may have stumbled upon a micro-site for these three particular vessels, which are probably part of a much larger fleet operated by a proper company.

For all we know, these quirky-named vessels could be particularly famous amongst the marine community. Starting from just $112 per person, NoName offers one of the cheapest 4-hour yacht charters out there. 

3. White Sails: From $599


Offering luxury on the high seas, White Sails invites you on board Sunrise, a lagoon sailing catamaran that wouldn’t look out of place on the Instagram feed of a lifestyle influencer. Just one look at the trampoline net with 360-degree views, and you’ll be mentally choosing filters. 

Fully air-conditioned below deck, with three bedrooms and ample seating space — all done up in wood panelling for that Florida millionaire flair — the vessel is actually rated for up to 18 pax. Imagine all that space when you and your party of eight get on board in style. 

There are also luxury dining options you can add on, including a full-spread, on-board BBQ featuring seafood, meats and poultry. From just $120 per pax, this one’s an absolute steal. 

4. The Yacht Club: From $600

Among the largest fleet of yachts in Singapore (including one of Asia’s top 50 Super Yachts), The Yacht Club will have something for every appetite and budget.

Even the bargain option starting at $600 (or $120 per pax) will get you the elegant Golden Ocean, a powered single-hull that can accommodate up to 18 pax in its fully climate-controlled saloon deck and spacious lounge area — all yours to enjoy for the better part of a day.

There’s also a 2D1N package starting from $3,424 ($685 per pax) that will let you spend the night on board in style and comfort. For a memorable dinner, check out the Sunset Dinner Cruise, which takes place on board the spectacular Royal Albatross superyacht. For just $208 per adult, you get to enjoy a 3-course meal, sunset at sea, and a welcome mocktail. 

5. YachtCharter.sg: From $600


YachtCharter.sg offers a selection of 18 curated vessels for charter — including our No Name trio mentioned above. This makes it an excellent starting point if you’re looking to get a grasp on the typical charter costs for vessels of different sizes and specifications.

There are even deals for sharing charters, which put you on board larger, more impressive vessels, but you’d have to observe social distancing and may have to wait your turn to enjoy certain facilities or areas. 

6. Yachtly: From $650 

Boasting a fleet of over 30 vessels, Yatchly’s offering is one of the most extensive on the list. From powered single-hulls to twin-hulled sailing catamarans and ocean cruisers, the variety is as refreshing as sea breeze. 

The actual yachts available depends on the day of your booking, but you’ll find some familiar names as you browse the listings (hello, No Name trio!).

As with YachtCharter, this is a great website for checking up what’s on offer. But it might be good to double-check with a simple Google search in case there are promotions or additional savings out there. 

7. M-Barq: From $1,000


The final entry on our list, M-Barq, seems to deal more in larger, upper-end catamarans and single-hull yachts, with charter prices starting from around $200 per pax. The fleet is mostly made up of vessels rated to carry between 30 to 50 passengers, but you’ll also find some smaller yachts in the 20+ pax range.

Needless to say, the bookings here are designed for ultimate exclusivity and indulgence — imagine booking an entire double-deck powered catamaran with a capacity of 30, just for you and four of your closest friends. 

Yachting in the time of Covid-19: What does it mean?

The pandemic has touched almost every aspect of our lives as we know it, but luckily, the impact on leisure yachting seems to be minor. Aside from enhanced safety, cleansing and hygiene protocols, the only major change seems to be group size. Like with most activities on the mainland, there is a limit to the group size. It’s best to check before booking. 

Groups must be separate and distinct, which means not sharing a residential address, or not been in close contact. However, exceptions may be made for wedding solemnisations and receptions.  

Another possible impact could be the lowering of charter prices, since groups of five to eight individuals don’t usually have the spending power of, say, a corporate retreat of 15. Which means if you’ve always wanted to book that luxury cruiser, you could be getting the best bargains right now.

What to expect on a Singapore yacht cruise

The typical yacht cruise lasts around four hours, combining pleasure cruises with views of Singapore’s coastal attractions, and a stopover at outlying islands such as Lazarus or Kusu Island where the captain will drop anchor for an ocean swim or snorkelling, before sailing back to the mainland. 

Typically, the price of your charter includes light refreshments (hot or cold drinks, fruit and snacks), swimming equipment (floaties, snorkels, kayaks and paddles) and the services of on-board staff who will help you with your requests. There are also add-ons and bundles that allow you to extend your booking time, or upgrade to full meals and alcoholic drinks, and even enjoy a BBQ on board. 

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What if you want something different? Well, yacht cruises are highly customisable, so if you’re looking for, say, a sunset cruise, want to sail to a specific location or explore a local island on foot, be sure to make your requests known during your booking. 

Do bear in mind that you probably won’t be able to disembark at a foreign port of call, owing to pandemic restrictions. 

How to find yacht rentals in Singapore for cheaper?

Avoid peak periods

Charter prices for yacht rentals in Singapore are pretty dependent on supply and demand. That means surcharges for bookings on peak periods. To keep your charter budget in check, try to avoid weekends, public holidays and peak holiday seasons such as year end.

Keep things vanilla

While typical bookings are for a minimum of four hours, most charter providers allow you to add hours to extend your booking for a fee. The same goes for add-ons, extra stopovers and special requests. While providers are generally accommodating, you should be prepared to pay for anything extra not in the original package or itinerary.

Additional hours and add-ons can quickly balloon the price you’re paying, so sticking to the plain vanilla option should serve you well.

Shell out for the package

Maybe you prefer to be served a full meal on board, instead of just snacks. Or, perhaps your daughter’s dream to visit every one of Singapore’s outlying islands means adding another three hours to your itinerary.

In these scenarios, consider going the whole nine yards, and extending your day cruise to an overnight stay. Sure, you’ll end up paying more, but you’ll also get to enjoy additional activities, proper meals and other perks, getting more bang for your buck in the process.